Network Traffic Stats

Microsoft Network Monitor
Network Monitor is a protocol analyzer which allows to capture network traffic.
Iris Network Traffic Analyzer
Iris Network Traffic Analyzer empowers your security and operations teams.
eEye Digital Security
Show Traffic
Show Traffic - monitors network traffic on the chosen network interface.

Network Traffic Stats

SoftPerfect Traffic Meter
SoftPerfect Traffic Meter monitors your network traffic. With SoftPerfect Traffic Meter, you can cre......
SoftPerfect Research
Traffic Counter
It is a very useful tool to monitor network traffic used by your computer.
DigitByte Studio
eEye Digital Security Iris Network Traffic Analyzer
eEye Digital Security
What Is Transferring
capture and analyze network traffic on your network.
LionMax Software
Network Analyzer
The MaaTec Network Analyzer allows to capture,save, and analyze network traffic.
StatsRemote knows the periods for programs and provides daily, weekly stats.
Network 24/7 AG
Display real time network traffic speed for every computer in the network.
Ming Jin
Nifty Stats
Nifty Stats brings automated statistics right to your desktop.
StatTrak for Soccer
StatTrak for Soccer software is a complete stats program with many options.
All-Pro Software
Karen's LAN Monitor
Karen's LAN Monitor provides detailed information regarding your network.
Karen Kenworthy

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Network Traffic Stats

Network Traffic Generator and Monitor
It can generate and monitor IP/ICMP/TCP/UDP traffic from clients to servers.
PB Software, LLC
IP Traffic Snooper
It helps you monitor your network traffic and see application activity.
Spy Traffic
Multifunction monitor of network traffic.
View your BFBC2 stats including overall stats, weapon stats and much more.
It allows you to organize bookmarks for all your websites.
Social Network Traffic Machine
Social Network Traffic machine
It allows you to check and export your SEO Linking Stats.
Secured Call Pty. Ltd. and BruteForceSEO
EuroJackpot easy stats is a tool that can help you to play Eurojackpot.
EuroJackpot Software
Gapminder World
View animated statistics about global parameters.
Gapminder Foundation